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Case 2590 Tractor Parts Catalog

 $129.11  $103.29 
Case 2590 Tractor Parts Catalog

Case 2590 Tractor Parts Catalog


Pages - 526

Printed, 3 D-Ring Binder Included.

This parts catalog covers your Case 2590 Tractor.

A parts catalog (or parts manual) is just as important to have as a service manual. This parts catalog will show you exploded
views of your entire machine showing exactly how every piece is assembled or dissasembled and how everything fits together. It
also shows part names and numbers so that you can easily order correct replacement parts.

Alphabetical Index:

Acoustical Covers, Cab
Adapters, Hydraulic Coupling
Air Cleaner
Air Cond Compressor Clutch
Air Conditioning, Cab
Air Conditioning Hoses
Air Conditioning Evaporator
Air Conditioning Condenser
Air Conditioning Compressor
Air Conditioning Blower Assembly
Air Conditioning Receiver-Drier 
Air Conditioning Expansion Valve
Air Conditioning Switches
Air Filter, Cab
Air Induction System
Alternator Assembly
Alternator Mounting
Antenna, Radio
Arm, Draft Arm Lift
Arm, Steering
Auxiliary Electric Outlet Auxiliary Outlet Harness
Axle, Front
Axle, Rear (Long)
Axle, Rear (Short)

Battery Cables
Battery Holder Box
Bearing, Engine Main
Belt, Fan
Belt, Seat
Block, Cylinder
Blower Assembly, Cab Air
Brake, Differential
Brake Hydraulic Circuit
Brake Pedals
Brake, PTO
Brake Valve Assembly
Breaker, Circuit
Bushings, Camshaft

Cab Assembly
Cab Lights
Cab Mounts and Supports
Cable, Battery
Cable, Cab Heat Control 
Cable, Tachometer Drive
Camshaft, Engine
Camshaft Bushings
Cap, Main Bearing
Cigar Lighter
Circuit Breaker
Cluster, Instrument
Cluster Harness
Clutch, Air Compressor
Clutch, Foot
Clutch, PTO
Clutch Housing
Clutches, (C1) and (C4)
Clutches, (C2) and (C3)
Cold Start Switch
Compensator, Hydraulic Pump
Compressor, Air
Condensenser, Air Conditioning
Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod Bearing
Console Electrical Harness
Control Console
Coolant Indicator Module
Cooler, Hydraulic Oil
Core, Evaporator
Core, Heater
Countershaft, Transmission
Coupler, Quick Hitch
Couplings, Hydraulic
Cover, Cylinder Head
Covers, Trans Without Hitch 
Crankshaft, Engine
Cylinder Assembly, Remote Hydraulic
Cylinder Block, Engine
Cylinder Block Gasket Kit
Cylinder Block Heater
Cylinder Head, Engine
Cylinder Assembly, Steering

Decals, French Language
Decals, Safety Kit
Decals, Tractor Kit
Defroster, Cab Windshield
Differential Assembly
Differential Brake
Differential Clutch
Differential Lock Mechanism
Dipstick, Engine Oil
Dipstick, Transmission Oil 
Door, Cab
Draft Arms, Hitch
Draft Sensing Linkage
Drawbar (With Hitch)
Drawbar (Without Hitch) ,
Drive, Fuel Injection Pump Drive Shaft

Electric Outlet, Auxiliary
Electrical Harness, Auxiliary Outlet 
Electrical Harness, Cab Headliner
Electrical Harness, Cab Lower
Electrical Harness, Fwd Components
Electrical Harness, Engine
Electrical Harness, Cluster
Electrical Harness, Console
Electrical Harness, Rear Light
Electrical Harness, Transmission
Engine Cylinder Block
Engine Block Heater
Engine Cylinder Head
Engine Crankshaft
Ether Starting Kit
Evaporator, Air Conditioning
Exhaust System

Fan Belt
Filter, Cab Air
Filter, Engine Fuel
Filter, Engine Oil
Filter, Hydraulic Oil
Filter, Water
Flasher Switch
Flasher Warning Lamp
Flood Lamp, Front
Flood Lamp, Rear
Flood Lamp, Upper
Flood Lamp Power Kit
Flow Control Kit (Remote Hydraulic)
Flywheel, Engine
Foot Clutch
Forward Component Harness
Frame, Cab
Frame, Protective
Front Lamp Harness
Front Wheel
Fuel Filter System
Fuel Gauge
Fuel Injection Pump
Fuel Injection Pump Drive
Fuel Injection System
Fuel Injector
Fuel Shut Off Control
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Level Sender
Fuel Tank Repair Kit
Fuses, Cab
Fuses, Tractor
Fuse Block, Cab
Fuse Holder, Tractor

Gasket Kits, Engine
Gasket Kits, Engine Oil Pan
Gauge, Engine Water Temperature
Gauge, Fuel Level
Gauge, Pyrometer
Gear, Bevel, Transmission
Gear, Park Lock
Gear, Pinion, Transmission
Gear Shift Linkage
Glass, Cab
Grille, Front Lower
Grille, Front Upper
Guide, Engine Valve

Harness, Auxiliary Outlet
Harness, Cab Headliner
Harness, Cab Lower
Harness, Forward Components
Harness, Engine Electrical
Harness, Cluster Electrical
Harness, Console Electrical
Harness, Rear Light
Harness, Transmission Electrical
Head Lamp
Headliner, Cab
Heat Exchanger
Heater, Cab
Heater, Cylinder Block
Hitch Control Valve
Hitch Depth Control Linkage 
Hitch Depth Sensing Linkage
Hitch Draft Arms
Hitch Hydraulic Circuit
Hitch Rockshaft
Holder, Fuse (Tractor)
Hood, Upper
Hood Latch
Hood Supports
Hoses, Cab Air Conditioning 
Hoses and Adapters, Remote 
Housing, Rear Axle (Long)
Housing, Rear Axle (Short)
Hub, Front Wheel
Hydraulic Charging Pump
Hydraulic Circuit, Hitch Control
Hydraulic Circuit, PTO
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Hydraulic Pump Assembly
Hydraulic Pump Circuit
Hydraulics, Brake

Injection System, Engine Fuel
Insert, Exhaust Valve
Instrument Cluster
Instrument Panel

Key, Starting and Door

Lamp, Cab Mounted
Lamp, Flasher Warning
Lamp, Head
Lamp, Instrument Cluster
Lamp Assembly, Cab Courtesy
Lamp Assembly, Cab Dome
Latch, Hood Lock
Lifter, Push Rod
Light Switch
Lighter Cigar
Liners, Connecting Rod Bearing
Liners, Main Bearing
Linkage, Draft Control
Linkage, Draft Sensing
Linkage, Gear Shift
Linkage, Range Shift
Lock, Differential
Lock, Valve, Differential
Louvers, Cab Air

Manifold, Exhaust 
Manifold, Intake
Manifold, Water
Mats, Floor
Mirrors, Cab
Muffler, Horizontal Muffler, Vertical

Noise Pads, Radio 
Nozzle, Ether Injector Nozzle, Fuel Injector

Oil Cooler, Hydraulic
Oil Filter, Engine
Oil Filter, Hydraulic
Oil Pan, Engine
Oil Pan Gasket
Oil Pressure Switch, Engine 
Oil Pressure Switch, Hydraulic
Oil Pump, Engine
Operators Manual Box

Pan, Engine Oil
Pan, Evaporator
Panel, Cab Controls
Panel, Instrument
Panels, Side Front
Panels, Side Rear
Park Lock Control
Pedals, Brake
Piston, Engine
Piston, Rockshaft Control
Planetary Clutch
Planetary Output
Planetary, Rear Axle
Plates, Differential Brake
Plates, Differential Clutch
Plates, Torque Limiter
Plates, PTO Clutch
Plenum, Cab Air
PTO Controls
PTO Clutch and Brake
PTO Gears and Shafts
PTO Housing
PTO Output
PTO Valve
Pulley, Air Compressor Drive
Pulley, Fan Drive !
Pulley, Fan Drive (Crankshaft)
Pump, Engine Oil
Pump, Hydraulic Charge
Pump, Steering
Pump, Water
Push Rod, Engine
Pyrometer Gauge
Pyrometer Module
Pyrometer Thermocouple

Quick Hitch Coupler

Radio Kit
Radio and Speakers
Rail, Side
Range Shift Linkage
Range Shift Mechanism
Rear Light Electrical Harness
Receiver-Drier, Air Conditioning 
Regulator, Hydraulic Oil Filter —
Regulator, Remote Cylinder
Return Regulator Valve, Hydraulic Oil
Remote Cylinder Attachment
Remote Hydraulics, No 3 Circuit 
Remote Hydraulics, No 4 Circuit 
Remote Hydraulic Couplings
Remote Hyd Control Valve  Remote Hydraulic Valve Body
Reverse Shift Mechanism
Rocker Arm, Engine
Rockshaft, Hitch
Rod, Connecting
Rod, Push
Roof, Cab
Rotator, Engine Valve

Seat Assembly, Non Swivel Seat Assembly, Swivel
Seat Belts
Sender, Fuel Tank Level
Sensing Linkage, Rockshaft 
Sensing Springs, Draft Control
Shroud, Fan
Shroud, Instrument Panel
Shut Off, Fuel
Side Rail
Sleeve, Cylinder
Solenoid, Cab Electrical 
Solenoid, Engine Electrical
Solenoid, Starter
Speakers, Radio
Spindle, Front Wheel
Starter Assembly
Starting Key
Starter Mounting
Starter Solenoid
Starting Switch
Steering Arm
Steering Column
Steering Cylinders
Steering Wheel
Steering Pump, Hydrostatic 
Steering System, Hydrostatic
Steering Tie Rod
Steps and Step Extension
Switch, Blower Control
Switch, Cab Temperature
Switch, Cold Start
Switch, Engine Oil Pressure 
Switch, Engine Temperature
Switch, Light
Switch, Starting
Switch, Transmission Oil Filter
Switch, Windshield Wiper

Tachometer Drive
Tachometer Drive Cable
Tank, Fuel
Temperature Gauge, Water
Tie Rod, Steering
Timing Gear Cover
Thermocouple, Pyrometer
Thermostat, Engine Tempeature
Throttle Control
Tool Box
Torque Limiter
Torque Tube
Transmission Harness, Electrical
Transmission Housing
Turbocharger System

Valve, Cab Heat Control
Valve, Differential Lock
Valve, Discharge (Air Compressor)
Valve, Exhaust
Valve, Expansion
V/alv/P Hitrh Hnntrnl
Valve, Power Brake
Valve, PTO and Regulator Valve, Remote Hydraulics
Valve, Suction (Air Compressor)
Valve, Grind Gasket Kit
Valve, Intake

Water Filter Kit
Water Manifold
Water Pump
Weight, Front End
Weights, Rear Wheel
Wheel, Front
Wheel, Dual Rear (32" Cast)
Wheel, Dual Rear (38" Cast)
Wheel, Dual Rear (38" Steel)
Wheel, Dual Rear (42" Cast)
Wheel, Dual Rear (42" Steel)
Wheel, Rear (32" Cast and Stamped)
Wheel, Rear (38" Cast)
Wheel, Rear (42" Cast)
Wheel, Steering
Wheel, Spacer, Outer Dual
Wheel, Spindle, Front
Wheel, Weights
Window, Cab Rear
Window, Cab Side
Wiper, Windshield
Wishbone, Draft Control

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 17 March, 2012.
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